LETTER: Student Unions are important for the public good

LETTER: Student Unions are important for the public good

Recently, Ontario’s Doug Ford government proposed regressive changes to post-secondary education that will burden students with more debt and reduce student unions’ capacity to organize and provide essential services to students.

Students throughout Ontario and Canada know that the “Student Choice Initiative” is an attempt to destroy opposition and progressive thinking through legislated union busting. Students’ unions in our country have long been the voice of positive and progressive change, pushing for policy that benefits not only post-secondary students but society as a whole. Students’ unions were at the forefront of the peace movement, pro-choice movement, anti-apartheid movements, and more recently $15 & Fairness in Ontario and beyond.

It is the voices that are most silenced in broader society that often find support in union-run counseling centres, LGBTQ* clubs and societies, advocacy programs, awareness campaigns, health and dental plans, and campus food banks.

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