2021-2022 Memos

2021-2022 Memos – OECTA Simcoe Muskoka

Memo #1 – Welcome Back; Covid Attestation Update

Memo #2 – School Based Meetings, SSIR, Website, ALP, Dues

Memo #3 – Attendance Management Program

Memo #4 – Shared Spaces, Missed Prep, Supervision, IEPs, and COVID Risk Assessment

Memo #5 – Black Out Dates, Progress Reports, Diagnostic Assessment, Earned Leave Days, OTIP

Memo #6 – Progress Report Cards, Report Card Responsibilities

Memo #7 – Parent-Teacher Interviews, School Safety, Insurance News

Memo #8 – Inclement Weather and OTIP Info

Memo #9 – Travel over the Holidays, Parents Keeping Their Children at Home

Memo #10 – EI, CPP and OCT Deductions, January

Memo #11 – Ministry Announcements and the Move to Remote Learning

Memo #12 – Back to In-Person Learning (Part 1)

Memo #13- Back to In-Person Learning (Part 2)

Memo #14 – Report Card Responsibilities, New Student or Student Leaving, Absent Teacher, Black Out

Memo #15 – Booster Attestation, Posting Asynchronous Work, March Break Travel Notice, OTIP News

Memo #16 – Shared Spaces and Tax Information

SMCDSB tax claim form

Memo #17 – Safety Plans, SSIR, OECTA Film Club, OTIP News

Memo #17 SSIR Infographic

Memo #18 – SAPP, Retirement Information, AOD

Memo #19 – Staff Assignment Process, OECTA and OTIP Retirement Workshops

Memo #20 – Staffing Information, Occasional Teacher Shortages, OTIP News

Memo #21 – Teacher Notification of Assignment, Black Out, PA Day, Withdrawn Students, Report Cards

Memo #22 – Joint Prep Memo, School and Classroom Closures, Election Update

Memo #23 – Second Round Transfers, Pride Month, OTIP

Memo #24 – FAQ – Second Round Transfers

OECTA Provincial Memo-Mandatory Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

OECTA Provincial Sexual Abuse Program Resources PowerPoint

Memo #25 – Remote Learning 2022-23, Earned Leave Payout and Pay Periods

Memo #26 – End of Year, Beginning of Next Year, Website