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Please read the article by Mike Crawley sourced from CBC News regarding the 6 week sit in and Legislature resuming back Feb. 18, 2020


Please read the article by The Canadian Press sourced from CBC News regarding OSSTF holding new talks


Please listen to the recording by 96.1 Renfrew Today about OECTA negotiations

English Catholic teachers could soon be in strike mode

Please read the article by Zahraa Hmood sourced from Kenora Miner & News regarding OECTA Work-to-Rule

Catholic, public school teachers prepare for more work-to-rule actions

Please read the article by Kristin Rushowy sourced from Toronto Star regarding Ontario Teachers filing a ‘no-board’ report and what it means for the Dec 21 legal strike position.


Please read the article by Colin D’Mello sourced from CTV about Strike Action


Please read the article by Colin D’Mello sourced from CTV News about bringing in a mediator to help with negotiations


Please read the article by Teresinha Medeiros sourced from iHeartRadio about OECTA filing for conciliation


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Simcoe Muskoka Catholic Elementary Teacher,   In another series of “Great Debates,” today’s Toronto Star article: “Can Catholic Schools Balance Human Rights and Religion?” A former Liberal Cabinet Minister argues “yes, they …